What comes down must go up - drought again

After the wonderful December rain all those months ago, the sun has baked the earth dry again. All the grass is gone and we are wondering what the winter will look like with such a small rainy season. The animals are already looking thin...

It is so sad to see the farm so bare, with no grass to be seen.... but that is what makes this area so special. The seasons change and with every drop of rain comes great gratitude and joy! So until it rains again, we will dream of rain :)

Christmas time at the Farmhouse

Over this Christmas season, was our best gift of all the rain we received! It was wonderful to have family together, sitting on the veranda and watching the rain fall down on most afternoons. Even some of the small rivers flowed just before we made our New Year's braai (BBQ)...

And all the rock pools filled with water. It made for amazing natural foot spa's on long walks and Lulu our sweet little doggy could cool down and have a refreshing drink of water on our walks!

New Rock paintings discovered

Over the Easter weekend, my brother went for a walk up one of the dry riverbeds in the mountains. He found a great Easter surprise! Unrecorded bushmen paintings!

Here are some pics...

 Images of the paintings

 The area where they were found

As the rain falls down over Africa

Dust settled on every surface and the sweltering heat leached every bit of moisture out of the air. In the last 5 years at least two years were declared drought years. So when the East wind started to wage war with the West wind and the clouds grew thicker and higher with each battle, hope returned. 
The air was crackling with anticipation as the clouds built up higher and thicker with the battle of the winds and at first just one drop fell in the dry powdery sand, then another and a few more. Then it fell, the big heavy drops just continued to fall and within four days, the Erongo Farmhouse received about 110ml rain. The dry rivulets had flash floods which fed the farm dams. Within a week the two dams went from dry to filled to the brim and it was as if the very earth and plants were sighing with relief. Green shoots appeared, the drought was broken, at last...

The rivers were in flood, luckily we could still make it through

The small dam to the side of the house

Different views of the big dam in front of the house

Lulu was absolutely delighted!

Slowly the green shoots appeared